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I was suffering from severe snoring and mild sleep apnea and met up with Dr. Rotenberg for a solution since I did not want to live the rest of my life with a CPAP machine. He suggested removing my tonsils and uvula, which I’ve had issues with for years but to no help or solution after constantly searching for help. The surgery was flawless, and I now sleep better than I have for over 8 years and feel incredible throughout the day. I thank Dr. Rotenberg for everything he’s done and would absolutely recommend him to any family or friend having the same issues I had. Recovery was about 3 weeks and if you have any concerns, I assure you he’s very professional and an absolutely amazing Surgeon. Thank you, Dr. Rotenberg and staff, I’m back to living my best life with great sleep and energy that was missing for years!

August 29, 2023

I spent 5 hours on the roads, several times a year in order to get from Toronto to London to see this wonderful Surgeon. For the past 18 years, I’ve been living with malfunctioning nostrils, swallowing problems, breathing difficulties in which I need to stick my tongue out countless times to ease my breathing, snoring loudly, and wake up every 2-3 hours every night thinking that going to the bathroom to urinate at night was a normal habit. Having seen four ENTs, not one could figure out what my problem was. Hence, there the 18 years of continuous suffering with poor breathing and poor sleep. Just before I was about to head down to the US to pay for surgery, I researched online multiple types of sleep and breathing disorders that closely matched my condition, as well as medical techniques online that could alleviate them. I searched all across Ontario and came across Dr. Rotenberg’s website. Surprisingly, he specializes in sleep apnea surgery, and a whole bunch of services that matched what I was looking for. Dr. Rotenberg listens and believed that I really had a problem and need care. He came up with a systematic plan and reassured that he will help me. In April 2022, he performed surgery on the back of my throat and tongue. After weeks, I experienced tremendous improvements in breathing and swallowing. I no longer need to drink fluids to flush food down on every bite. Waking up incidences declined as well. But because I still woke up at night, he didn’t give up on me and so I drove 5 hours into London to see him again in May 2023. He immediately identified what my problem was and performed a procedure on the spot. Within 2 weeks, I noticed my nostrils stopped malfunctioning, plus I slept 6 hours straight without waking up, snoring sounds reduced to point where it sounds like a whisper. I no longer have to stick my tongue out throughout the day to help resume breathing as I can breathe and sleep properly. Dr. Brian Rotenberg at St. Joseph Hospital saved my life. Every minute of driving to see him and all the wait was worth it. On top of that, I also saved fifteen thousand dollars worth of surgery fees. His character along with a willing heart to help me is what makes this Surgeon truly unique.

August 19, 2023

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 12 years ago. I had difficulty sleeping with a CPAP machine. I eventually gave up on using the CPAP. I snored loudly and spent years feeling exhausted most days. Dr. Rotenberg performed both septoplasty and an uvulopalatoplasty on me in February of 2023. I know two family physicians who underwent surgery with Dr. Rotenberg, so I knew he was good. It's been 4 months since the surgery. I am able to breath through both nostrils for the first time in my life. I felt little to no pain from the septoplasty. The uvulopalatoplasty was also a success. I experience discomfort for the first two weeks; however, I have no regrets about the surgery. My sleep and my snoring have improved and I feel more rested. Dr. Rotenberg and his staff were amazing through the entire process. I'd recommend Dr Rotenberg to anyone.

June 25, 2023

After multiple unsuccessful procedures with another ENT, I was referred to Dr. Rotenberg for another attempt to cure my sleep apnea. Although still relatively early days into the recovery period, I'm already seeing a meaningful improvement in my overall sleep quality. Furthermore, Dr. Rotenberg has been incredible to work with from start to finish, and I will be going out of my way to recommend him to anyone else I know suffering from sleep apnea. Worth the drive from Toronto - or flight from anywhere in the country! *6 out of 5 stars* - Greg Hourigan

May 31, 2023

I saw Dr. Rotenberg back in November for sleep apnea surgery. I had not had surgery prior to this having this procedure done, and Dr. Rotenberg and his staff made me feel very comfortable. After half a year out from the surgery, I would have to say that it has significantly improved my quality of life. Although I still struggle with sleeping and proper sleep hygiene (and probably always will), I feel that the quality of my sleep has significantly improved since the procedure. Extra special thank you to Dr. Rotenberg and his team.

May 30, 2023

I had a sleep surgery with the procedures of Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Septoplasty and Uvulopalatoplasty by Dr. Brian Rotenberg; I consider this to be the best medical choice of my life. My experiences with Dr. Brian Rotenberg, his medical team and staff have all been exemplary. Dr. Brian Rotenberg’s professionalism, accreditations, diligence, and care are world-class. I believe this sleep surgery has greatly improved my quality of life and has also improved my potential for longevity of life. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Brian Rotenberg, the medical team and staff.

April 23, 2023

This is the best Otolaryngologist in Canada as far as I am concerned. I research widely for year, read papers and followed development of new surgical techniques before traveling from Alberta to Ontario to consult with Dr Brian a year and half before my Uvulopalatoplasty surgery. He was spot on and extremely confident on his diagnosis within a few mins even without a sleep study. I later did sleep study and was diagnosed of severe sleep apnea, sent it to him and it didn't change his views on my case. So I shared his diagnosis with my family doctor who then sent me to Center for Sleep and Careica, etc in Alberta for review but after several months of study these guys only tried to discourage me from surgery to sell their CPAP machine to me. I eventually purchased the CPAP and it didn't work for me after all. Four months later I sought 2nd opinion in Houston USA with other renowned ENT surgeons who confirmed they would do exactly what Dr Brian's report had recommended. I now went ahead with Uvuloplasty surgery with Dr Brian as scheduled and survived the two weeks painful recovery process to where I am today almost fully recovered. Since my post op I have returned to normal life, eating anything and sleeping like a baby again. Though my snoring is not totally eliminated, Dr Brian believes I will still notice significant improvement in 3-6 months before my next check-up. My sleep apnea is no longer an issue and daily sleep monitoring reports from my 9 generation Apple Watch / Sleep App suggest I am getting good quality sleep every night with well over 25% of REM sleep and 20% deep sleep on average. For this, I am very pleased with Dr Brian for his professionalism, skills and confidence. I refuse to see any other ENT now and highly recommend Dr Brian to anyone having serious sleep related issues.

April 22, 2023

I had been living with chronic obstructive sleep apnea for many years, and using CPAP as a therapeutic tool. I had seen other ENT's for an opinion on surgical intervention, because it seemed to me that my anatomy was a possible explanation for my symptoms (large uvula, tonsils). Other ENT's would simply not consider the option of surgical intervention. I am glad that I found Dr. Rotenberg! He was extremely knowledgeable and confident that surgical intervention would be a good option for me based on my history and his examination. I had the surgery in March of 2022, and I am thrilled to say that I no longer require CPAP or any other interventions as the Uvulopalatoplasty/tonsillectomy was a resounding success!

March 6, 2023

This man saved me from being smothered by pillows from friends and family! I no longer snore or had any complications post op and sleep like a champion. Thanks again for everything.

February 20, 2023

I am patient of Dr. Rotenberg and had gone to him to treat sleep apnea issues. I had been using CPAC machine nightly. I then received uvulopalatopharyngoplasty surgery for my throat and septoplasty for deviated septum. I am happy to report that I no longer utilize a CPAC machine, and this is almost 60 days post surgery. Dr. Rotenberg and his team were very attentive to patient needs from start to finish and would not hesitate to recommend him. I will endeavor to submit a follow up to my recovery in another 30 days.

February 9, 2023

Service was beyond the clinic, everything was explained, his staff was top notch. I am very happy with results, now I get a restful sleep.

October 12, 2022

I drove 2.5 hours from Toronto to London to see him and I was immediately impressed with the high tech equipment he had during our examination. Docs who care about their practice will invest in the technology to provide their patients a better examination. His take home portable sleep machine testing was very easy and convenient. He corrected my sleep apnea with 3 surgical procedures, uvulopalatoplasty, tonsillectomy & epiglottis. It's 5 weeks post op and I'm very pleased with the results. No more CPAP, No more snoring. This Doc knows his craft and knows it well. My wife and I are forever grateful! If you have sleep apnea, go see him. He's worth the wait time. Thank you DR BRIAN ROTENBERG!

October 7, 2022

Best service I have experienced, changed my life! I couldn’t have a good night of sleep, always tired and drowsy during the day. I really highly recommend Dr. Rotenberg for anyone who experiences sleep apnoea.

July 28, 2022

I had a septoplasty & a uvulopalatoplasty done by Dr Rotenberg and I couldn’t be happier. All of the staff were amazingly nice and Dr Rotenberg is a godsend. I’m able to breathe and sleep like a normal person because of him. My quality of life has definitely improved. I cannot thank this man enough for helping me. I would strongly recommend Dr Rotenberg any and every day.

July 27, 2022

I had surgery done by Dr. Rotenberg in March for sleep apnea. Every appointment I had with him was great, he is very pleasant, and his staff are very helpful. They answered any questions that I had with prompt responses. My surgery was a huge success! My sleep has improved dramatically. Dr. Rotenberg and his team were amazing before and after the surgery. I’m very thankful that I was able to have this surgery done. I can’t say thank you enough.

May 22, 2022

Dr. Rotenberg performed a Septoplasty on me in March to correct my sleep apnea and morning headaches. He was very polite and explained everything in detail as well as the expected outcome. I really appreciated that he also took my input into consideration when coming up with a treatment plan and made sure I was confident in the plan as well. Just had my checkup and happy to say I’m breathing much clearer and no more morning headaches!

May 5, 2022

I had a septoplasty surgery performed by Dr. Rotenberg. Everything went smoothly and I'm feeling great, but the best thing of all was my recovery. I barely felt anything. No pain at all( to the point that I did not use any pain killers) and almost no swelling.4 weeks have gone by and I already feel much better.

February 8, 2022

Dr. Rotenberg has changed my life and potentially saved my relationship! Long story short, I have suffered from sleep apnea for many years and have tried the CPAP machine and Dental appliance but neither fixed the issue. CPAP made things worse, and the dental appliance had some improvement but left my jaw sore all day long. Finally discovered Dr. Rotenberg and paid him a visit. Using a sleep induced endoscopy he discovered that my epiglottis was collapsing as I slept, and this explained why the CPAP made things worse as it would just push it more closed. Dr. R performed an epiglottolplasty and that has helped open my airway during sleep. I also had him perform a uvulopalatoplasty to help reduce the snoring and the combine surgery has left me a new person. I can now breath well during sleep and no longer snore. These procedures have also helped my headaches which I would wake up with several times a week. Dr. Rotenberg is also patient and caring. Despite being extremely busy he will take the time to talk to you and explain your issue and treatment with detail and answer any questions you have. He is extremely meticulous and a perfectionist. Thank you so much Dr. Rotenberg for your care and help.

January 27, 2022

Great experience with Dr. Rotenberg and his team from day one! After I was referred to Dr. Rotenberg and meeting with him, I felt extremely comfortable with his expertise, knowledge and recommendations. Ultimately, he performed my tonsillectomy, and I am so grateful! I may have been lucky to have a quick and less painful recovery than most, but I wouldn't doubt it was thanks to Dr. Rotenberg's great skill as well! I am extremely happy with my results and would highly recommend Dr. Rotenberg.

January 11, 2022

Life changing experience and results. I recently saw Dr. Rotenberg to help elevate my snoring. My snoring was causing me to feel unrested, tired all the time, moody and countless complaints from others in the home. I cannot stress enough what an incredible experience I had with Dr. Rotenberg and his team. Dr. Rotenberg saw me in his clinic and all options were clearly explained. He was caring, kind and answered all of my questions. He told me surgery would be my best option and in November I moved forward. The surgical experience was like nothing I had every experienced before. The procedure was performed at an out of hospital facility and the entire staff there were amazing. Dr. Rotenberg saw me before to ensure all last-minute questions were answered and to reassure me of any concerns. He even spoke with my wife after while I was recovering to let her know everything went well. I now feel more rested, I breath much better and according to my wife, zero snoring. It is not an over exaggeration when I say my experience with Dr. Rotenberg was life changing. I highly recommend Dr. Rotenberg. This was an incredible experience, and I will forever be grateful to him for giving me a higher quality of life.

January 10, 2022

Dr. Rotenberg performed Uvulopalatoplasty to reduce my snoring and I couldn't be happier. Didn't have to use any of the pain meds that were provided, recovery was only a couple of days, and my wife is happy with the results. Snoring not totally eliminated but greatly reduced. Dr. Brian Rotenberg was nothing but professional.

December 5, 2021

Dr. Rotenberg was extremely helpful. He did a great job with the rhinoplasty surgery. I am extremely satisfied with the results.

November 29, 2021

I had a septoplasty preformed by Dr. Rotenberg. Dr was very informative about the whole procedure and answered any/all questions I had. Highly recommend.

October 23, 2021

Dr. Rotenberg is an amazing surgeon. I had a septoplasty to fix a deviated septum. I was super nervous before the surgery, but Dr. Rotenberg came and assured me that everything would be fine, and I would be pleased with the results of the surgery. He was right. The surgery went great, and I can breathe through my nose again. I am so thankful to Dr. Rotenberg and his staff for being so helpful, friendly and amazing at their jobs.

September 10, 2021

Compassionate and Genuine, Dr Rotenberg not only fixed my nose, but was there to coach and advise me through all my complications. It was truly mind blowing how much care and energy he gave, knowing how many hundreds of people he sees come through his door. I am truly thankful. TW.

August 24, 2021

I highly recommend Dr. Brian Rotenberg. I had a Uvulopalatoplasty surgery to stop snoring and improve sleep. He and his staff are helpful, knowledgeable and kind. The surgery went very well, and the results have been life changing!

August 3, 2021

Where to begin, where to begin...To sum it up, the purpose of me meeting with Dr. Rotenberg is simple. I was not happy with how I was feeling physically and mentally in my everyday life. I was not feeling rested. My anxiety was through the roof, whether it be panic attacks, or having intense sensations of not having enough air in my lungs. I was slightly overweight, overall, not heading in the right direction. All of this stemmed from my childhood of playing lots of physical sports and having broken my nose many times. I was refereed to Dr. Rotenberg by my doctor and life started getting better from there. In my initial visit, Dr Rotenberg explained everything to me as if I were a 10-year-old. Black and white, this is what I needed to fix, this is how I can fix it, Bing Bang Boom. He also informed me with a cosmetic portion of the surgery I could consider. But I chose to opt out and focus on the basics, breathing! The big day came, and let me tell you, I was pretty stressed. With intense Covid protocols in effect, my time at the hospital sucked. My loved ones could not be around, I was simply dropped off at the front entrance by my wife. I check in and waited alone for my surgery. Briefly before I was to go under the knife, Dr Rotenberg came up to see me and assured me everything was going to be fine, and man did I feel better. Dr Rotenberg has a very kind and calming demeanor, and it really did the trick. The exact name of the surgery I had done was REVISION OPEN SEPTORHINOPLASTY_WITH OSTEOTOMY, and my recovery was about 2-3 weeks. Here comes the good part. From seeing some of these reviews I will be echoing a lot of them. Dr Rotenberg absolutely, 1000000% changing my life, it’s RIDICULOUS. I sleep like a baby every night, fully rested when I wake up. My resting heart rate dropped 10 points from 68 to 58!!! This was a game changer for my anxiety. I lost about 20-25 since my surgery simply because I was happier, more rested and willing to do the work. The cherry on top…even though I opted out of the cosmetic portion of the surgery my nose looks a thousand times better. To sum it up folks, this man is a miracle worker. If you are pondering whether or not to having a procedure done by Dr Rotenberg, let me save you some time, do it immediately! You will thank me and Dr Rotenberg at the end of the day. For all the athletes out there, that have had their nose busted up, get it checked out.... It is crazy what a little (or a lot) of oxygen can do for you. Thank you, Dr Rotenberg, you quite simply changed my life, and I am forever grateful....

July 20, 2021

Dr. Rotenberg changed my life; I only wish I had seen him sooner! I had a rhinoplasty, turbinate reduction and several other minor procedures with him, as my case was quite challenging. He was very kind and attentive throughout it all and I can't recommend him enough. My quality of life has dramatically improved, and I finally know what its like to feel normal, healthy, and well rested for once.

July 14, 2021

I have had 2 rhinoplasties done by Dr. Rotenberg and his team. Both operations went smoothly, I can finally breathe better, and I don't snore at night. I am very happy with how it looks. He was able to keep my natural European look (not a cookie cutter shaped nose) which I am very happy about. The after care is just as important as the initial meet and operation, his receptionist always put my concerns through to him and I was able to visit him for post-op appointments in timely manners. Thank you! Suzanne

July 13, 2021

Had a sinuplasty/septoplasty/rhinoplasty procedure a few weeks ago with Dr. Rotenberg and the whole process went smoothly. I had a deviated septum and chronic sinus infections, and Dr. Rotenberg was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process from consultation to surgery and post-op. I'm really happy with the way my nose looks now and I'm thankful he took the time to understand my sinus issues. Recovery went well with hardly any bruising, and I feel great!

July 12, 2021

Had a septo-rhinoplasty done and turned out great! I can FINALLY breathe through my nose, as I had a really bad deviated septum and crooked nose. Thank you so much.

June 10, 2021

Very pleased with Dr. Brian Rotenberg. Great service from staff and Dr. Rotenberg. Surgery went well, very happy with the results. After the surgery I can finally breathe through my nose, no more sleep apnea. No need to use CPAP machine, which is the huge for me, don't need to take it with everywhere. Plus, my nose looks amazing, and I can finally follow my dreams:)

June 9, 2021

Most amazing ENT out there. After many trips to several sleep labs, seeing another ENT, CPAP machines, and dental appliances I was never able to get a good night's rest...not until I saw Dr. Rotenberg. After my first visit with him he suggested we perform a sleep induced endoscopy to take a look at my air way while I sleep. Makes total sense, doesn't it?! This procedure led him to discover that my epiglottis was collapsing as I slept and a CPAP machine would actually make it worst, which it was! Dr R suggested a procedure to correct that and after the surgery I am now able to get a good night's rest. I've suffered with this sleep disorder for over 20 years and am extremely grateful to him and his team for changing my life.

May 20, 2021

Had a major surgery (4 corrections) by Dr. B. Rotenberg, He is the reason I can breathe easy. I am so grateful. I had follow-ups. Also, my heavy snoring is gone. I feel like I started a new life. If you have nose blockage and problem breathing, you will understand what I am talking about. Of you get Dr. Rotenberg you have nothing to worry. You are in good hands.

April 28, 2021

Let me begin with saying that I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rotenberg. Initially I went to go see Dr. Rotenberg for what I thought would be a Septoplasty consultation. He examined my nose and thought that I could benefit greatly from this procedure, but he also brought up that I would be a great candidate for a Septorhinoplasty (which I didn't really consider until that moment). He described how combining the two surgeries would not only be beneficial for my breathing, but the appearance of my nose would also benefit. Being a person with a crooked and broken nose from childhood, I decided to go through with the Septorhinoplasty. It is currently 11 days post operation, and I can BREATHE. Not only can I breathe, but the swelling has gone way down on my nose, and it looks great. I'm not only impressed with my ability to breathe, but I'm mind blown how much the appearance of my nose has been enhanced (and it's only been 11 days). I'm very happy with my results and I would recommend this Dr. Rotenberg to anyone. He has changed my life.

April 20, 2021

Dr. Rotenberg and his team are amazing. He took such good care of me for both my septoplasty/sinuplasty/rhinoplasty combination surgery in September 2020 AND my tonsillectomy in February 2021. He was attentive and listened to my needs and was quick to assess when I needed treatment. He wasted no time in getting me the help I needed and even accommodated me for a tonsillectomy on short notice so I could have the surgery before starting grad school. Him and his team have not only treated me, but my sister as well. It is always a pleasure with Dr. Rotenberg. I may add that his administrative assistant Desiree is also amazing and was so good about communicating with me, even on short notice. I would definitely recommend him! My nose surgery went so well that I didn’t even have bruising and the down time was extremely minimal. His attention to detail and his skill is outstanding. Thank you so much for transforming my health, Dr. Rotenberg!

March 12, 2021

Well worth the wait! One of the best surgeons to go to for any ear, nose or throat solutions.

January 22, 2021

Highly recommend Dr. Rotenberg! I had a septoplasty / rhinoplasty this summer. My nose was severely crooked, and my septum was almost fully closed on one side. He and his team were amazing every step of the way. Leading up to surgery all of my questions and concerns were patiently and considerately addressed. I was well cared for on the day of surgery and afterwards. He was happy to see me in person to address a concern I had post-op. Everything healed perfectly just as he said it would and I am very happy with the result of the surgery and can finally breathe.

December 14, 2020

Dr. Rotenberg was amazing and helped change my life with his advice as well as the incredible job done for the major reconstructive surgery he performed. He was great at setting the expectations and delivered when it came time for my surgery. I healed very fast and started sleeping much better. Highly recommend him for his professionalism, bed side manor and intelligence. By far one of the best Doctors, I have encountered in my life.

December 8, 2020

Following an assessment of my sleeping/breathing challenges Dr. Rotenberg decided on a procedure that would open my airway. The surgery was performed on October 16, 2020, and it has completely changed my life. This great outcome is the result of his incredible surgical skills and while the first 10 days of recovery where a little rough, I immediately started sleeping soundly and waking refreshed. The procedure is called a UPPP (uvulopalatopharyngoplasty) which removes excess tissue from the throat. I received the best care from Dr. Rotenberg and his entire team and I’m grateful for their professionalism and genuine concern for my welfare. My sincere thanks.

November 17, 2020

I had two surgeries done recently with Dr. Rotenberg. I had a septorhinoplasty and a tonsillectomy. Dr. Rotenberg and his staff, both in his clinic and his surgical staff, were extremely friendly and made me feel so comfortable. I had my tonsils removed as they were very large and caused snoring, issues with swallowing and strep throat. I had no issues during recovery and my snoring has stopped and I have noticed a big difference with swallowing, and I no longer sound muffled when I talk. I had the septorhinoplasty as I had collapsed nose valves and couldn't breathe through my nose. I have been a mouth breather since as long as I can remember and so Dr. Rotenberg suggested this surgery. It is by far one of the best decisions of my life. I can now breath when my mouth is closed, which is something I think a lot of people take for granted. I had no issues with recovery. I had the cast on for a week and he removed it at my one week follow up appointed and I have not had any issues since. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rotenberg. I would also like to give a shout out to Desiree who works for Dr. Rotenberg who was extremely nice and helpful. She also made my experience less stressful and more comfortable. 5 STARS!!!!!

April 28, 2020

After many sleep studies and being told by the sleep Doctor that I would die a young death because of my severe sleep apnea, I panicked, which put me into self help mode. This is where I found the amazing earth angel...Dr. Brian Rotenberg! I traveled from northern Ontario to meet him, discuss my situation and in no time, we agreed on a surgery. With any surgery it may or may not get the results you want. All I can say is it worked! Dr Rotenberg saved my life! And I mean that in every literal sense. His skill, caring disposition and his determination to leave no stone unturned is why I am alive and well on my way to healing fully and living a full life. There are simply no words good enough to say thank you for saving my life! I could go on and on. But to anyone who needs help and skill and knowledge beyond belief. this man gives so much of himself to his patients! God bless you and your staff we are so lucky to have you!!!!

March 19, 2020

After suffering with snoring for many years, I was referred to Dr. Rotenberg by my family doctor. Dr. Rotenberg recommended me for surgery, and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. From pre-op to now has been an excellent experience and I truly felt like I was being listened too the entire journey. He has truly changed my life and I actually sleep now! Dr. Rotenberg's has a great team as well and I highly recommend him to all. Thank-you for your care and compassion!

March 10, 2020

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I was prescribed a C-Pap machine. For the first year, I suffered through using the C-Pap. I was still having many episodes of apnea and I woke up constantly every night with the mask bouncing around on my face. It was definitely not working for me. It was a traumatizing experience every night for a year. I hated it. In desperation I looked for an alternative to the C-Pap. I was then prescribed and fitted with an oral device (Narval) which was supposed to move my lower jaw forward to keep my throat from collapsing while sleeping. I was also told that there were surgical alternatives but that they don’t always turn out well, which scared me. My sleep tests on both devices showed that they were doing the job, however I had my suspicions that they weren’t as I was still waking up light- headed and horribly tired. My appointment with Dr. Rotenberg came about 9 months into using the Narval and at this time I expressed my concerns that I was still in danger. Dr. Rotenberg suggested a sleep induced endoscopy to see what was going on. This saved my life. The results were that the oral device was doing absolutely nothing to prevent my throat from closing. It was also determined that I had overly large lingual tonsils (secondary) that were falling into my throat immediately after falling asleep. The C-Pap was actually blowing the tonsils down into my throat and choking me. The lingual tonsils combined with an overly fleshy throat contributed to my throat being reduced to the circumference of a pencil immediately upon falling asleep. Neither a C-Pap machine nor an oral device could have remedied this situation even though my sleep tests done while using the said devices indicated otherwise. Dr. Rotenberg suggested that the best results would be to have the surgery including the procedures as follows: lingual tonsillectomy, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty and an epiglottoplasty. I was more than ready to take this step and I had the surgery on April 10, 2019. I am an older gal, and it took about 2 weeks for me to fully recover and to return to work as an instructor. As I needed to be able to talk to a group, I had given myself a little longer to let my throat heal. I am so amazed at how well this surgery worked out for me. It is a joy to breath deeply and unobstructed. I had no idea how compromised I had been. This surgery has been life changing for me. I have a new- found energy both physically and mentally. I am FREE from all devices! Dr. Rotenberg through his attentiveness and brilliant expertise saved my life and for that I will be forever grateful! Sincerely, Val Bradley

March 3, 2020

Had severe sleep apnea where I stopped breathing 55 times an hour, now I’m at 2 times an hour. Very nice Man, easy to talk to and ask questions to. Would only use recommend him for my same issues, no one else.

February 6, 2020

Just had surgery to help with my snoring. Apparently, it was...rather loud. I'm happy to report that not only was everyone involved with Dr. Rotenberg, at both is office and the surgical suite, amazing and friendly, the snoring has all but vanished. Dr. Rotenberg was straightforward right from our first meeting and explained all the different options I had available to me. I know patients often don't get a choice of who they get referred to, but if you've been referred to Dr. Rotenberg, you're in good hands.

January 23, 2020

Dr. Rotenberg performed surgery to help with my sleep apnea. He was confident before the surgery that he could help me and that was the case. My breathing is much easier, and my wife says she checks on me to make sure I'm still breathing because she can't hear me snore. I am just a month removed from the surgery so I am excited to see how much better it will get. I would like to thank Dr. Rotenberg for helping me and his attention to detail. I am telling other guys I know about him.

January 8, 2020

Always have a great experience with Dr. Rotenberg. Friendly, knowledgeable and seems to really care about his patients well being. He’s not one to rush you out the door and genuinely wants to help his patients.

August 26, 2019

He helped a great deal with my apnea. I had severe apnea and due to the excellent work done by Brian my apnea is now less than 10% of what it was previously. This has had a dramatic improvement in my life.

RateMDs.com | Submitted July 30, 2019

Professional and caring medical treatment. I had nasal and sleep apnea surgery and things are great. From the first visit to the operating table, I was cared for and kept informed of the procedures. The follow up appointment went well with some minor adjustments that were clearly explained. I highly recommend Dr. Rotenberg. He is a true professional. Thank you.

RateMDs.com | Submitted July 29, 2019

Every aspect of Dr.Rotenberg’s practice makes it run smoothly and efficiently. He is a down to earth guy and easy to talk to, he makes sure that you are aware of all your options and explains the process well and his staff are on the ball with any clerical questions I've had. Should I need any future sleep surgery for ear nose or throat Dr.Rotenberg is my first choice!

RateMDs.com | Submitted July 23, 2019

Dr, Rotenberg is very kind, intelligent and professional. He is very nice and the best surgeon in Canada. He is a 5 star plus. He takes his time with patients and explains everything. Dr. Rotenberg is the best and I highly recommend him. I have had surgeries in the past with other doctors but you cannot compare them to Dr. Rotenberg. He has changed my life completely. He answers all questions and is very knowledgeable. So happy I can finally breathe again and I love my nose. Best doctor!!!

RateMDs.com | Submitted July 23, 2019

I had a sleep apnea surgery completed by Dr. Rotenberg. He was very knowledgeable, provided me comfort in making the decision to have the surgery, and an excellent surgeon. My only regret is not doing it sooner. I would highly recommend him! His admin assistant Mary Jane is also amazing!

RateMDs.com | Submitted January 29, 2019

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